By merging the latest runway styles with the traditionally exquisite designs, Sari Palace puts forward the magnificent bridal attires you can walk down the aisle in. From the eye-watering glorious colors to classy dress style, the ones embellished with the finest art work, jewel and stones to those with modern fit dresses; we have every sophisticated dress style treasured in our store for you.



Great store and fantastic service! They guided me though choosing a sari for my wedding reception, quickly took measurements for a tailored blouse, and helped me pick out matching jewelry. They have huge selection of items, comparable to the shops I visited in India, and all of the items I viewed were gorgeous.

They were so very helpful and patient when I was shopping for my 2 year old’s dress for a mendhi/ wedding we are attending in Texas. We found the most stunning and beautifully made garment- and my daughter loves it!!  Now to return to shop for myself!

Sari Palace is the only boutique that is up to date in Indian fashion. The anarkalis, gowns, the floral… you name it, they have it.

Amazing customer service. I survived a three day wedding because of these ladies. Wonderful customer service!!! Can not rave enough.

HEERAL IS THE BEST!!! I don’t know what I would have done if Sari Palace wasn’t open when I was starting my wedding shopping.  I knew I didn’t want to head to India for wedding shopping unless I had to and had visited the other stores in Artesia previously. So when I walked into Sari Palace for my bridal outfit, I was very surprised to see so many beautiful outfits and didn’t have to haggle on price.

Thank you so much Sari Palace and can’t wait to look beautiful in all 3 dresses next week! You are the best! I will come back for sure if I need another Sari 🙂